"Like A Black Superman Flyinn Over Porn Shops n Shit!" 

Music saved Bassman’s life. Not in a cheesy sense. But genuinely. The earliest chapters of this Shadow Demon’s journey are peppered with tales of real life naughtiness… If it wasn’t for the beats, you would be reading a totally different story right now.
Luckily someone had the good sense to pass him a mic. That man was Carl Cox. Having done the time to back up the badboy rhymes, Bassman grasped the opportunity and plundered his years of musical inspiration. From the childhood Kingston soundtrack of Dennis Brown, Marley and Eek-A-Mouse to the early 80s at Birmingham’s legendary Medicine Bar understudying the city’s myriad reggae bands, Bassman dug deep for lyrical fire… It’s been burning ever since.
Encouraged and nurtured by scene-shaping forefathers such as Cox, Micky Finn, Sly and Sasha, Bassman soon found himself as an MC-du-jour for some of the most epoch-defining raves of the early 90s, including Castle Morten ‘92 to over 20,000 smiley-plastered party freaks. With a raw ragga-muffin style, over 1000 one-liners to his name and distinctive trademark bubbles and banter with the crowd, his reputation spread to a global level paving the way for the many mic-munching mandem who followed. That’s why they call him The Teacher.
Amidst a hectic schedule of international gigs from Russia to Canada, and every major festival you can possibly list, Bassman established the Shadow Demon Coalition with Trigga, DJ Sly, Spyda and Shaydee. Taking their art to a whole new stage, each performance is a turbo-charged showcase of lyrical wit and hosting heroics. The collective continue to push drum & bass and the art of MCing to exciting new levels with a range of merchandise, a new label and a dedicated platform for helping the next generation into music.
Many MCs have the chatter, but Bassman’s got the experience to back it up. And when he’s not giving you the treatment on the stage, he’ll batter you on the table tennis table too. Reigning supreme from old school to new; this is one teacher you’d be wise to listen to.
Email: bassman@mcbassman.com